We generally have a good stock of trees at Totties and replenish stock in Autumn / Winter.

Our stock usually includes native varieties as well as more ornamental garden trees these includes flowering cherry, mountain ash, crab apple and a good range of standard and patio fruit trees.


  • Our containerised trees can be planted all year round – Autumn/Winter is the best time.
  • We can try and source all sizes of trees including pleached and framed. We also stock laurel and conifer for hedging.
  • Stakes and ties are recommended when planting trees especially in windy positions.
  • Apply an appropriate fertilizer e.g. Potash to fruit trees every Autumn and Spring for best results.
  • We have a range of both fast and slow growing trees.
  • We have both flowering and foliage trees; consider that good foliage is there for many months and will enhance your garden and can provide screening  however flowering is more short lived.
  • Local delivery service available.