Hanging Baskets


  • We have varying sizes of baskets from 10″ – 16″
  • Available in metal (use with a liner) and moss (retains the moisture better and are reusable for the 2nd year)
  • We advise using a hanging basket compost
  • If you use a multi-purpose compost, we recommend using a water retaining gel and slow release plant feed
  • A 10″ hanging basket typically requires 6 trailing plants and 3 uprights for best effect

Tip: Using hanging basket compost as it already contains a slow release fertiliser and water retaining gel.


Available to order £29.99

Planters and baskets can be made to order.

Want to replace your own basket and planters? Plants and potting service available – please contact the garden shop.

Don’t ditch your planters and baskets in the autumn. We always have a great range of autumn and winter flowering bedding plants, compact specimen conifers, evergreen shrubs and ivys.